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Scenic exercise that comes from an improvisation workshop in Tumaka't Contemporary Dance Company (Yucatán, Mexico), carried out during November and December 2011.

This exercise emerges from my desire to find a new environment, and the ability to imagine different ways to relate to people in transited common areas. The whole process of creation was focused on the experience of unstability or stable disequilibrium provided by the body motion. By using inestable elements —in this case, oranges— we create unstable surfaces in order to generate sequences or brief scores.

Concept and direction: Verónica Santiago Moniello
Interpreters: Pedro Zambra, Julie Morgane, Laura Sanchez
Musician: Victor Anduze
Photography: Jorge Carlos Cortaza Sabido.
Camera and editing: Isaac Zambra.
Acknowledgements: Tumákat, Colectivo A M

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