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"”Yo antes, es ahora” ... the wonderful thing about the play, I think, is the announce made about something that never came to happen. We are also surprised by what is not announced and suddenly transforms the perception by a change of rhythm, the elasticity of the scenic space or the bet of light. And it is not any corporeality, the five interpreters are brave and strong in their qualities, but, above all, they make the spectator connect with their ways of moving and their eloquence in front of the microphone. "

Margarita Roa, El cuerpo espín, Mayo, 29 2013


"Encased in their world, placed to be seen on all four sides, the Mexicans of tumàka't, make in their piece "Números Irracionales" a dancing game, a kind of initiatory experience, with simple movements and choreographic approaches, that are reinventing a space, a language that always ends in linearity, the diagonals and the reversed frontality. Young dancers, with very good technical discipline. "

Carlos Gil, Argazki Press, Julio 2012.


"Tumàka't dazzles at the Lila López Festival ... through two innovative choreographies they caught the audience in an atmosphere full of fun and hilarity but at the same time they showed extraordinary preparation and a talent worthy of recognition for the quality they radiated in the stage of the Theater of Peace. The show called “SUR + SUR” is the result of residences between artists from Yucatan, Argentina and Colombia, and is composed of two choreographies; with different themes, but match in an innovative, genuine and creative artistic expression, since it includes a wide range of elements that make it stand out and express its own style ".

Francisco Acosta, Código San Luis, Julio, 28 2012.


"Tumàka't among the best of the Mexican scene for the world ... Southern Mexico has a clear exponent of dance, tumàka't presented a clear and harmonious exercise of movement through bodies that are fragmented to integrate a story where the broken never returns to its original state: Suture ".

Eunice Contreras, Interescena, Noviembre 4, 2011.


Press release in El País on presentation of the project "Yo antes, es ahora", in the Reina Sofia Museum on June 22, 2012.

Diario "El País", España.


"Impeccable conjunction of techniques and discipline… tumàka't succeeded in awakening the imagination, and children's and adults yearn for play … (the performers) exercise a technical display and excellent bond with the audience".

Marcela Danemann, Diario de Yucatán, 2011.


"…(Brins) an extremely recreational and interactive show… A smart show, sometimes the merging of the spontaneous shouts of amazement or complicity of the youngsters were combined with the murmur and questions of the characters which stressed a constant dialogue which was never lost".

Roberto Valenciano, paraje tunero, 2011.